15 July 2024 11:00

Vases to dream away at

Looking for an impressive and eye-catching vase? Then these Art Nouveau vases meet all the requirements..... Beautifully shaped, beautifully coloured and technically manufactured to a very high standard. The vases are perfect without or with flowers!
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17 May 2024 15:00


Once you fall in love with Art Nouveau or Art Deco objects, you never want to get rid of them Should you buy a lamp from Antique Style Webstore, remember that you are holding an artisan product! These types of lamps often go with a move, because the lamps are timeless and remain valuable.
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5 April 2024 16:00

The Tiffany Tuschinskis of Coloured by Art©

Colourful, cheeky, cleverly made and eccentric. In 2017, Art Deco Trade launched the first cube-shaped Coloured by Art© Tuschinski table lamp. Subsequently, the collection expanded to include chandeliers, ceiling lamps, a wall lamp and pendant lamps. By now, the Tuschinski lamps are well-known and famous.
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Tulip season!

It's almost Spring. The snowdrops are already blooming. Here and there you see crocuses and daffodils. And suddenly the tulips appear. Spring has arrived. Temperatures are graduall...

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Love is...

Surprise your loved one with an original and personalised gift. A timeless gift is the ultimate crowning touch. Think of a beautiful sculpture, an ornate candelabra, a colourful sc...

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Artistic advertisers of yesteryear

Artistic designers are well represented on our online shop. Already in the early 20th century, some of them advertised using posters. The style was innovative at the time and is st...

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Gift time!

The dark days are coming. And yes really, we are already thinking a bit about the HOLIDAYS. Everyone enjoys having a good time with family and friends. Decorate the house, take tim...

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Enjoying Indian summer

Summer-like weather during the period when it is normally autumn. This phenomenon is also called Indian Summer. The exact origin of the term is uncertain. It was possibly so named ...

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A necklace with SYMBOLISM

Necklines have always been found attractive. Famous were Mozart's costume operas, where beautiful necklaces could dazzle the neckline. In any case, the Antique Style necklaces offe...

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Poppies are often seen on roadsides these days. The beautiful orange/red flowers also adorn many natural fields and grasslands. Wildflowers choosing their own place. The flowers br...

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The color GREEN represents love to nature. It is the color of the garden lover, the home lover and the good host. Relationships are important to green. Suddenly the color green rem...

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MOTHER'S DAY is in sight! On March the 19th it's time (UK). Pampering is extra important on this day. So time for an eye-catching gift. Express your love with the colour RED! The c...

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LED LAMPS as atmospheric lighting

When it comes to choosing the RIGHT LIGHTING for your home, it is important to understand what factors affect the SENSE and FUNCTIONALITY of the room. One important factor is the W...

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Fly me to the moon

Curiosity about life beyond Earth is rife. So space trips have been organised. But countless songs have also been written about the moon and moonlight. The moon's special light is ...

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Tell it with a sculpture!

Valentine's Day! Yes, it is almost there: February 14th we will give our loved ones special attention. Be a real sweetheart this day and give your mother, father, brother, sister, ...

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Wishing you a pleasant Christmas and a glorious 2023!

Christmas is back in sight! We are looking forward to spending quiet moments together. There is chaos in the world, but let's try to have a good time with our family and friends. D...

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SHAWLS that who have something to say

A SHAWL like a PAINTING. Really fantastic! Colourful, hand-woven with the most beautiful motifs. Wear these scarves like a piece of jewellery around the neck and cherish them....

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Lustrous designs

Happiness and stability. Romance and love. Glamour and beauty. Everyone is looking for these things in life. They make life much more pleasant, just like the contemporary designs o...

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ANTIQUE style Ceramics

There are new ceramics in our shop! We are very proud of it. All kinds of flowers, butterflies, dragonflies, birds and leaves can be discovered on the traditional pottery. The pots...

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Dancing on the ceiling

Tiffany pendant lamps come in all shapes and sizes. The first thing that catches the eye is of course the colourful Tiffany glass. To ensure that this stands out perfectly, there a...

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Alfons Mucha: Master of Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau through and through. That is what Mucha's work stands for. After his breakthrough in Paris his work was so popular that the posters he designed were looted from the str...

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Purple with a gold rim

Purple has been the traditional colour of kings. In Roman times, purple-dyed cloth was ten to twenty times more expensive than gold of the same weight. Therefore, wearing purple cl...

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Early spring

On 31 January 1890, Theo van Gogh wrote to his brother Vincent that he and his wife Jo had given birth to a son whom they would name Vincent Willem. Shortly thereafter Vincent prod...

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Fixing a GOBELIN to the wall

Time for a GOBELIN! A tapestry on the wall radiates warmth and class. Not only the place where the tapestry is hung is important; the way in which the work of art is attached to t...

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Attention, please!

Before you feast on the champagne, we would like to have your attention for a moment! We at Antique Style Webstore would like to thank all our customers for all the support we have...

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Cosiness and indulgence

In these dark days before Christmas, it is important to bring a lot of cosiness into the house and outside. Beautiful decorations and twinkling lights create a pleasant feeling. It...

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Autumn is bearing fruit...

The stormy autumn weather, which causes the leaves to fall at a rapid pace, finally brings new life. All kinds of seeds from bushes and trees have been carried away by the wind and...

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An abundance of pearls

People have probably been familiar with pearls for about 6000 years. Egyptians were familiar with it and pearls have also been found in Mexico that date back to several thousand ye...

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A jewel with or without a candle!

The longest day in the northern hemisphere falls around 21 June each year. This is approximately the day on which the solstice occurs and thus the beginning of the astronomical sum...

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New line of bathroom lamps

A bathroom with a classic atmosphere requires not only classic bathroom accessories, but also classic lighting. Lighting in the bathroom is not only practical, it also determines t...

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Father's Day: June 20

The third Sunday in June is Father's Day. It is the day to celebrate fatherhood and to put fathers in the spotlight. This year, Father's Day falls on Sunday 20 June. How do you sur...

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Spring Flowers

Is there anything more Dutch than the tulip? For hundreds of years the beautiful flower has been a symbol for the Netherlands. In the 16th century the flowers were imported from th...

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Mother's day: March 14

A unique gift for a unique woman: Mother's Day. Sunday March 14 is the day to show how much we appreciate our mothers and grandmothers....

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Animals are fun, beautiful and sociable. Take good care of them! ...

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Tidying up is pleasant. Everything becomes clearer around us and yes, it also becomes clearer in our heads!...

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JANUARI: A fresh start to the new year! Many people have good intentions at the turn of the year. "In the new year I will do more sports, study better, visit a museum more often......

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In winter, the days are long. Dark days become more cosy with all kinds of activities. People make up all kinds of things to brighten up the days in winter. At Christmas we celebra...

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Conviviality and pampering!

In these dark days before Christmas it is important to bring a lot of cosiness inside and outside the house. Beautiful decorations and twinkling lights provide a pleasant feeling. ...

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Earrings brighten your face!

At galas, the hair may have been pulled up. Long earrings accentuate the neckline. With clothes with a deeply cut neck or back this looks very elegant. If the hair is worn loose, ...

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Indian Summer

Autumn is a wonderful season! No exaggeratedly high temperatures, but a pleasant autumn sun that plays with beautiful shades of yellow, brown to orange and red. Rain showers and st...

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Vacation time!

2020 is a special year. The Corona virus has brought about a lot .... Nevertheless, life goes on and the summer holidays have arrived....

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The butterfly, symbol of transformation...

The butterfly, the symbol of transformation... This time of year, they can be seen all around us! Besides being a wonderful source of inspiration for growth and development, the di...

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Lovely Ladies

Love for Ladies is sung in abundance. In art you also see the ladies as a source of inspiration. Think of the Mona Lisa, the Venus di Milo and The girl with the pearl earring. Worl...

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I'd like to fly like a bird

Birds interpret freedom! What man doesn't want to be as free as a bird? Birds fly, walk or swim wherever they want. There are dangers, but the feeling is unlimited......

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Classic furniture as interior enrichers

An average sideboard or table in an antique interior? A shame! Well-chosen furniture completes the picture and also fulfils a practical function. Be inspired by the collection of A...

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Visit the theme Saturdays in 2020

In 2020 we hope to welcome many customers again on the special theme Saturdays. Save the upcoming themes in your diary below....

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Celebrate Christmas in Downton Abbey-style

Class differences, two major wars, a beautiful script and the most beautiful country house you will ever see. Dream along with Downton Abbey. The beloved series is also known for t...

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From pattern to relief: the most beautiful furniture and curtain fabrics

How many fabrics can you spot in house? From decorative cushions to sofa coverings and curtains: fabric can be found almost everywhere. A great effect can be achieved with textiles...

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The perfect surprise with these stylish Father's Day gifts + Special gift promotion

A father (figure) deserves to be in the limelight on Father's Day, Sunday 16 June. With a card, an outing and/or a suitable gift from Antique Style Web Store. You reward yourself w...

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The house in Easter and spring atmospheres

Celebrate spring in style! Nature awakens and shows its colourful color palette. Colours that are also beautiful in your home or as jewelry. At Antique Style Web Store you will fin...

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The Year of Rembrandt: books and tips

Every year around two million eyes are focused on his best-known work, the Night Watch. In 2019 it will be 350 years since Rembrandt van Rijn died. Antique Style Webstore reflects ...

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In the spotlight: wall tapestries as wall decoration

Filling an empty space on a wall, keeping the room well isolated, dampening the sound: a tapestry brings a lot of practical advantages with it. But let's not forget about the beaut...

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Give yourself or a loved one something special this Valentine

Who do you surprise with Valentine? A friend, beloved, relative or maybe you spoil yourself with a beautiful gift ... Something for everyone with the gift ideas of Antiek Stijl Web...

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Beautiful products for the new year

We wish you a beautiful 2019! A new year is a good time to take care of the interior. The Christmas decoration is stored away and there is room for a fresh look....

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The most wonderful time of the year

When 'Sinterklaas' has left the country, the advance of a particularly festive period begins: Christmas! The house can be decorated, dinner plans are made, and the lights can be li...

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The colors of autumn

The astronomical autumn is almost there! The assortment of Antiek Stijl Webwinkel offers plenty of options for an autumnal interior with antique models and classic items. There is ...

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Summer time, holiday time!

How wonderful, summer's here again. Whether you'll be going on vacation or staying at home, the web shop offers lots of items to turn the holidays into a party....

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Mother's Day: 13 May

Put mothers and grandmothers in the limelight on Sunday, May 13: Mother's Day. Surprise her with a delicious breakfast in bed and of course with a beautiful gift....

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Spring at home!

Spring is coming, and this means some fresh air in your interior. Give your interior a 'spring boost' with new home accessories. Prepare your interior for a pleasant new season wit...

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14 February: Valentine's Day

Who would not want to be surprised at Valentine's Day? Give your love an original gift from Antique Style Web Store on the 14th of February....

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We wish you a sparkling 2018!

The team behind Antique Style Webstore wishes you a Happy New Year!...

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Holiday season! Time for gifts

The holidays are upon us, and that means it is once again time for gifts. At Antique Style Webstore you can easily shop for the greatest gifts for the holiday season when it is con...

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Wedding gifts

Summer is a popular season for getting married. Have you received a wedding invitation or are you getting married yourself? Antique Style Webstore offers a broad selection of weddi...

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Luxurious, Classic Wallpaper

Are you looking for historical wallpaper, classic wallpaper, nostalgic wallpaper or baroque wallpaper of high quality? Then you have done right by coming to Antique Style Web Store...

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We wish you an atmospheric 2017!

The team behind Antique Style Webstore wishes you a Happy New Year!...

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Free shipping from €50,- until 31 December 2016*

From now on you can temporarily benefit from free shipping when purchasing a minimum of €50,- in our web store. This offer is valid from 10 December 2016 to 31 December 2016. The d...

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Arts & Crafts Movement

Arts & Crafts is a movement that was started by William Morris (1834 – 1896) in the 19th century. It was an artistic, social movement and it strove to bring back craftsmanship and...

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Desk Accessories

We have recently extended our collection of desk accessories with beautiful gifts for an elegant and graceful, practical accessories to place on your desk....

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Blue Blood

The Dutch royals are an important source of inspiration for the collection of Antique Style Web Store. We let ourselves be inspired by the opulent style and favourite colours of th...

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Anniversary and Business Gifts

Are you looking for an anniversary gift or classy business gift? At Antique Style Web Store you will find a large selection of appropriate gifts, for instance, for your co-worker, ...

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Bronze Sculptures

In the living room, in the hallway or in the garden: bronze sculptures are perfect to artistically embellish places in or around the house. Antique Style Web Store has a large coll...

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Classic Jewellery

Where can you find beautiful, classic jewellery that has been made with care and attention to detail in these modern times? Antique Style Web Store has a large collection of jewell...

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Nostalgic Bathrooms

Do you have a classic interior and would you also like to incorporate this style into the bathroom? Antique Style Web Store is the perfect place for finding classic and nostalgic s...

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Infinite Motifs

Intertwined motifs, motifs without a beginning or an ending. These ‘infinite’ motifs usually have a symbolic meaning. This symbolism can be interpreted differently by everyone and...

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Dutch Tulips

On the 15th of September, it was Prinjesdag (Prince’s day) in the Netherlands! According to tradition, this orange-coloured day falls on the third Tuesday of September. Just like P...

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Bags & Baskets

Classic handbags for a day of shopping, chic evening purses for a night out. Artistic toiletry bags and makeup bags. Nostalgic picnic baskets and storage baskets. Antique Style Web...

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Temporary Free Shipping to Holland, Belgium, Germany from €30,-

Art Deco Web Store celebrates summer and treats you to free shipping at a minimum order of €30,-. This deal applies from 01-07-2015 to 12-08-2015....

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Antique Style Tiffany

Tiffany lamps go extremely well with an antique or classic interior. Both original, antique Tiffany lamps as well as reproductions and models made with the Tiffany technique add ex...

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Win The Spirit Bracelet Worth €195

Have you ever visited our Facebook page before? On Facebook, fans of The Blue Art Barn Web Store (in Dutch: De Blauwe Deel Webwinkels) are kept up to date on any bits of news, fun ...

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Ornamental Wall Lamps

A wall lamp is not just practical, but it is also a piece of jewellery that adorns your wall. Ornamental wall lamps are perfect for decorating and lighting up your wall....

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Standing the Test of Time…

The search for an antique clock that works well can be quite intense. Those who want to enjoy the look of antique clock but prefer new one can choose from Antique Style Web Store’s...

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Determining Your Ring Size

Purchasing a ring online is quick and easy, but it can be tricky: what size should you order? At Antique Style Web Store, rings are available in various sizes. That is why it comes...

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Shades of Winter

Winter is coming. We are longing for a white Christmas, frozen rivers, hot chocolate and wintery scenes like those painted by Hendrick Avercamp. It is also time to immerse the inte...

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The painting ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’ (approx. 1665) by Johannes Vermeer (1632-1675) was publicly announced to be the most popular Vermeer painting. The fresh use of colour, the...

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There are no doubts about Delftware belonging to the Dutch heritage. Delftware, which was created as an alternative to the blue-white Chinese porcelain at the end of the 19th centu...

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Nostalgic Glass

A classic or antique interior is not complete without some elements of nostalgic glass. This can be classic lamps made of glass, antique glass bowls or artistic glass sculptures. A...

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Enjoy the Sun, Protect Your Skin

Now that summer has started, we like to be outside and soak up the sun. But the sunlight can also be dangerous. Sun burn at a young age doubles the chance of getting melanoma, a ty...

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New Venetian Lamps

Venetian lamps have a classic, fairytale-like atmosphere. They are stunning and made by hand according to the ancient art of glass blowing. Antique Style Web Store has an exclusive...

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Father's Day

On the third Sunday of June, it will be Father’s Day. The perfect day to celebrate fatherhood and give dad some extra attention. This year, Father’s Day will be on Sunday 15th June...

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Vincent van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh is often seen as one of the best painters of the 19th century. The Dutch painter was born in 1853, in the village Zundert in the Dutch county of Brabant where his ...

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Proud as a Peacock

The peacock might just be the most graceful animal in the world. Proudly, he shows off his magnificent feathers and hopes to please the ladies with them. In any case, this well-kno...

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Engagement, Wedding and Friendship Rings

Sealing love with a ring is a custom that has been around for centuries and has not lost its meaning in this day and age. A ring symbolizes infinite love or friendship between two ...

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14 February: Valentine's Day

Seduce your (future) lover with a gift from Antique Style Web Store, the perfect online shop for romantic presents. Ordering a Valentine’s Day gift safely and easily online: the Eg...

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Bronze Lamps

Bronze lamps looks right at home in antique and classic interiors. The warm look of bronze add an opulent feeling to the room. A bronze lamp looks authentic and sometimes nostalgic...

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Brocante Picture Frames

‘Brocante’ is a French word and it refers to markets that sell second-hand items and bric-a-brac. These days, the term ‘brocante’ could also be used to explain the look of a produc...

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Symbolism in Jewellery

Jewellery can be worn purely to adorn clothing, but it can express a message or feeling at the same time. A piece of jewellery is more than just a decorative object. Wearing a piec...

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Refined or porous earthenware that was shaped inside a mold, painted by hand and that is commonly covered with a glaze is also called Faience (or Plateel in Dutch). The word ‘Faien...

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Acanthus Leaves

When browsing through the different pages on this website, you are bound to encounter the acanthus leaf at some point. The leaf comes from the Acanthus, a thorny, Mediterranean pla...

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Saint Nicholas' Eve

Sinterklaas (Saint Nicholas) has grown into a traditional holiday that is celebrated all over the Netherlands by young and old alike. Originally, it is a children’s holiday. Saint...

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Bag Label NATHALIE Sponsors Dutch Melanoma Foundation

The Blue Company proudly presents a new bag! A model with vivacious lines; fashionable and functional. A bag with its own label, signed NATHALIE....

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Angels, Cupids and Cherubs

Angels, cupids or cherubs have been used in art for centuries. The romantic figures were particularly predominant in the Renaissance period and later on in the Baroque period. At A...

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Antique Chandeliers

The crown jewel, eye-catcher and source of flickering light: an antique chandelier. The classic model, the lamps in shape of candles, the atmospheric light, the elegant beads and t...

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Baroque, Barock, Barocco!

Luxurious curls, voluminous, gold leaf, impressive furniture, splendour, drama; these are a few features of the Baroque style period. Baroque came to live in Europe during the 17th...

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Decorating a Holiday Home

A refuge, paradise on earth, place in the country to relax, summer residence: a holiday home is a place to relax and escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. A place tha...

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Historical Cushions in the Garden

The wonderful, summery weather makes people spend much more time in their garden or on their balcony. Outdoor spaces appear to have replaced the living room. Make yourself comforta...

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Storing Antique Jewellery

Precious pieces of antique jewellery, such as heirlooms, are items that people like to store safely and dust-free. This can be done with the help of Antique Style Web Store’s stunn...

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Roses are Red...

The summer does not only set itself apart by its warm temperatures, long days and sunshine, but also due to the roses that are in bloom. They can be found in the garden or in natur...

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Classic Outdoor Lighting

Spring is the perfect time to purchase outdoor lighting. When creating an outdoor lighting plan, people should take the style of the house into account. When it comes to a historic...

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Classic Bathroom Accessories

A bathroom with a classic atmosphere should, naturally, be decorated with classic bathroom accessories. The right touches, really completes the atmosphere of a bathroom in an antiq...

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New: Historical Wallpaper

Decorate the walls with stunning historical wallpaper from Antique Style Web Store. Baroque motifs, flower designs, historical scenes, exotic patterns, paisley: there is atmospheri...

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Marquetry and Intarsia in Furniture

The ingenious way of decorating Furniture via marquetry or intarsia has been around for centuries. Classic and antique pieces of furniture are often fitted with the most beautiful ...

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Sculptures as a Memento

Sculptures have been used for centuries as mementos of special occasions. This includes festive occasions, but also sad occasions, such as a death. Antique Style Web Store has a la...

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Fairytale-like Mirrors

“Mirror, mirror on the wall: who is the fairest of them all?” Who does not know the famous sentence of the classic fairytale ‘Snow white and the seven dwarfs’ by the brothers Grimm...

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Máxima: Queen of Brooches

Princess Máxima is famous for her sense of fashion, her style and her class. Striking and colourful or elegant and classic; it depends on the occasion she is attending. Her outfit ...

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Colourful Daylight Through Glass Tiffany Panels

Even though the spring sun seems to arrive relatively late, it is never too early for a stunning window decoration in the shape of a Tiffany window panel. Due to the bright dayligh...

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Tidy Hallway in Classic Style

A tidy hallway is a nice way to be welcomed into a home. Antique Style Web Store offers various hat stands, coat racks and hooks with a classic or antique look. As a finishing touc...

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Romance in Victorian Jewellery

Splendour and beauty: this is what sets the Victorian era apart when it comes to jewellery. The jewellery collection of Antique Style Web Store has various necklaces, bracelets, br...

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Tin: then and now

Many utensils, such as tableware, used to be made of tin. Jugs, plates, bowls, cups: tin played an incredibly important role back then. After all, plastic and stainless steel did n...

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Atmospheric lighting with candlesticks

Warmth, light and atmosphere: a candlestick is very functional. Candlesticks have been used for centuries. While they used to be a purely practical aid in the dark, nowadays, candl...

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Tapestries: historical and decorative

Those who have seen a tapestry in a museum can probably remember that moment very clearly: the craftsmanship, the detailed images, the rich fabrics and the often impressive size of...

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