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Outdoor Lighting

The weather gets warmer in spring and nature blossoms once more. Everybody can u...


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Bathroom lighting

Once upon a time, the Greeks and Romans held their abundantly decorated bathing ...


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Desk Lamps

Pleasant, newly-made desk lamps that are reminiscent of days long past. A multi...


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Cupid Lamps and Pate de verre

In Roman mythology, Cupid is the helper of the goddess of love, Venus. He is usu...


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Hanging lamps

Antique Web Store's collection includes hanging lamps perfect for the hallway, t...


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T- Hanging Lamps

When the power supply is not in a convenient place, a classic, T-shaped pendant ...


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Lights on beam / Billiards

Yes, that is what I am looking for! Many people will exclaim. Nice lamps above a...


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Chandelier, light crown, luster, corona or candle crown: various names for a cei...


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Ceiling Lamps

Ceiling lamps are suitable for spaces with a dropped ceiling or low ceiling so t...


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Picture lamps

A painting's colours are generally subtle during the day. Natural light plays wi...


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Spotlights come in handy when a specific object or corner needs to be illuminate...


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Standard/Reading Lamps

Classic floor lamps (or standard lamps) and reading lamp can be ordered online a...


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Table Lamps

Table lamps are popular. They add the finishing touch to the lighting plan, are ...


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Tiffany lamps

Tiffany lamps were first created by Louis comfort Tiffany (1848-1933), the inven...


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Venetian wire glass

Venetian wire hanging lamps are made by blowing glass into a metal frame. The gl...


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Wall lamps

Wall lamps in the classic style can easily be ordered online at Antique Style We...



The classic lighting that has been selected is based on historical models, influences and motifs dating back to before the year 1900. It is always important to refer to the present as well. Order online!

Impressive chandeliers are offered in all kinds of price ranges and countless editions. There are, among others, crystal chandeliers, Bohemian chandeliers and French chandeliers. You can also opt for and extravagant Cupid chandelier or Cupid hanging lamp. The pâte-de-verre lamps are also striking and pleasing to the eye. In short: there are various decorative hanging lamps, singular hanging lamps and compiled hanging lamps (T-lamps) that can be discovered.

Venetian lamps are very appropriate for a classic, Mediterranean atmosphere. The traditional Venetian lamps unite two old trades: the artistic blacksmith creates the shapes in iron and the artistic glassblower eventually blows the bulging glass into the forged iron.

A different, authentic and remarkable glass technique is the creation of Tiffany glass. According to the design, patterns are used to cut small pieces of coloured glass so they can be soldered together. This means that every Tiffany lamp is unique! A Tiffany lamp is a timeless classic. The lamp bases are often shaped to look like Art Nouveau motifs and design like leaves and trees.

Just like classic spotlights, various crystal and marble ceiling lamps also seem to combine well. The standing, reading, desk and table lamps are not only practical, but they are usually also made of beautiful materials such as brass and bronze. The wall lamps, that usually match with the rest of the collection, complete the interior and harmonise the atmosphere. Do not forget about picture lamps. A painting or sculpture is lighted perfectly at night with subtle picture lighting in brass, bronze or matte nickel.

There various kinds of bathroom lamps available especially for the bathroom at Antique Style Web Store, such as hanging lamps, ceiling lamps, wall lamps and even table lamps. The lamps in the category Bathroom lamps are particularly suitable for damp rooms and have protection rating IP-44, suitable for zone 2. Bathroom lighting with an antique and classic style has been selected especially for Antique Style Web Store.

Supply your home, holiday home or office with classic lighting on both the inside and the outside. Also have a look in the category Outdoor lamps to complete the lighting of the house.

The Antique Style lighting is suitable for old, remarkable, historical buildings and also for brand new houses.

Nostalgic lamps that refer to old, antique styles and classic times provide recognition and tranquility.

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