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Glad that you are taking a look on Antique Style Webstore! Newly-made products with an “Antique" look can be ordered online.

Classic interior

A interior gets distinctive by classical patterns and touches. A classic interior exudes luxury, comfort, quality and elegance. The classical items selected by Antique Style Webstore are stylish, elegant en based on art styles, influences and patterns before the 1900s and are mainly manufactured to original Antiquity models. A nod towards to present day obviously always stays important. Order online! Historical lightning, craft furniture, furniture fabric, wallpaper and nostalgic home accessories are widely offered here.

Stylish gifts 

Are you looking for a precious gift with a classical look? Antique Style Webstore offers a widely selection gifts and decorations with an antique or classical character; cushions, tapestry, clocks, chandeliers, coat racks, photo frames, mirrors, bags, literature, glass, ceramics, tin and sculptures.

Antique jewellery

Also pay attention to our jewellery. The classical jewellery are handmade Antique style reproductions of original moulds/designs or newly-made models based on history. Jewellery inspired by classical antiquity (Greeks and Romans), classicism with strong strings to the Empire, forms from the aristocratic Baroque, frivolous ornaments of Rococo, the sensitive Biedermeier period or the Victorian Era.

Historical styles

Gold, silver and bronze, garlands, curls, crystal, ornaments or bows give a festive feeling. Experience Renaissance, Gothic, Baroque, Rococo, Biedemeier, Neoclassicism, Georgian, Empire, Victorian to Art Noveau. Most items are directly available and - wrapped professionally - will be sent as soon as possible! It is possible - after consultation - to collect the items at the front desk. See contact

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