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The bracelets offered on Antique Style Web Store are a feast for the eyes! Link...


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Brooches have been around for ages; since 800 BC, people already used a Fibula, ...


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Necklaces, strings of pearls, a necklace with an ornament, medallions, pendants,...


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Cuff links

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Earrings often compliment impressive necklaces. A repetitive ornament or detail ...


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Since a ring has no beginning and no end, this piece of jewellery is particularl...


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Jewel cases

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These classic pieces of jewellery can be ordered online. They are handmade, Antique style reproductions of original moulds/designs or newly made models that are based on history, focussing on the 18th century to the 20th century. Jewellery based on the Classical Era (Greeks and Romans), Classicism and its strong Empire Lines, the aristocratic Baroque shapes, the frivolous Rococo ornaments, the sensitive Biedermeier time and the Victorian Era.

Jewellery can be worn during the day and night to emphasise someone’s beauty, to impress and to command respect. It was recommended (in days gone by) that very valuable and complicated pieces of jewellery were worn on official occasions, balls and receptions. The different ranks and classes in society also dictated a couple of rules when it came to choosing pearls, diamonds, gemstones, gold and silver. These days people can thankfully determine what jewellery they want to wear and how they will wear it!

Jewellery is bought and given as a keepsake. This could be because of an anniversary, the birth of a son or daughter, a wedding, a political event, a graduation, a souvenir from your travels or to remember a person who has passed away. Jewellery symbolizes friendship, love and loyalty.

Various kinds of classic jewellery with stunning materials can be discovered at Antique Style Web Store. Their base is usually made of Sterling Silver or copper (nickel free) but it can also be plated with gold. The decorations consist of Swarovski crystal, enamel, gemstones (for more information, go to Gemstones) such as Onyx, Red Agate and Amber and products of nature, such as pearls and nacre. Also note the romantic pieces of jewellery by designer Michal Negrin. Her pieces of jewellery are favoured by Hollywood stars like Nicole Kidman, Uma Thurman, Kim Basinger and Salma Hayek. Even the Queen of England has a Michal Negrin Tiara!

Take your time to browse through our jewellery collection. Feel the history. Let the cold reality be coloured by jewellery that was once worn by queens, princesses and elegant, wealthy ladies. The jewellery turns out to be very comtemporary!

It is important that your jewellery collection, however small or large it may be, is stored away safely and dust-free in a classy jewellery box. Antique Style Web Store has convenient and lovely jewellery cases in its collection that are available in different sizes and colours. Depending on the model, there is space for rings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches, earrings, cufflinks and watches. Multiple stories or drawers ensure that all pieces of jewellery can be stored away neatly and complete. Antique Style Web Store has elegant jewellery boxes for both men and women. Classic jewellery boxes, jewellery cases, jewellery chests can be bought online at Antique Style Web Store.

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