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Classic art diaries, beautiful postcards, lovely birthday calendars or interesti...


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Picture Frames

Looking for a nostalgic, classic, antique and original picture frame for your ho...


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Gift Vouchers

Antique Style Web Store also sells gift certificates! These certificates are ni...


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Antique candlesticks or candleholders are among the most popular items in the in...


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A sculpture is a lovely gift for a loved one as a wedding present or when a coup...


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Antique Style Web Store sells many stunning, woven cushions online. Cushions mad...


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Table Knickknacks

Historical, nostalgic, classic and antique desk decorations: items that can be p...


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Have a picnic in the spring or summer on a hot day or a sultry night. Enjoy the ...


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Vases/ Dishes

  A vase or bowl made of tin (lead-free), glass or ceramic. An antique bowl is...


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Wall/ Window decoration

In ancient times, a relief was carved into the wall as a decoration. These days,...



Looking for a meaningful present with a classic look? Antique Style Web Store has a large range of presents and decorations with an antique or classic atmosphere. Gifts and home furnishings which appears to be from the past but is fitted today’s comforts. Antique tin candlesticks, classic bronze sculptures, historical tapestries, romantic picture frames, classic office and table accessories, atmospheric scatter cushions, ceramic bowls and vases, nostalgic baskets and picnic baskets and art history diaries, books and postcards.

Surprise a friend, family member, loved one, colleague, acquaintance, business contact or, last but not least, yourself with a stunning, classic gift from Antique Style Web Store. A gift from Antique Style Web Store can provide a solution from many different occasions: birthdays, anniversaries, farewell parties, marriages and baby showers. They could also be given as a thank-you, Christmas gift or for no reason at all.

Want to bring something new into your home? Antique Style Web Store also has ample choice when it comes to new pieces of atmospheric antique and classic home decorations. A Tiffany suncatcher or Jugendstil candlestick, a woven cushion with a historic scene or a tin picture frame, a timeless, rattan storage basket or a handy notebook with the image of ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’ by Johannes Vermeer.

No more wandering around the city and country, going from shop to shop, to find a suitable gift. Order presents safely and easily online at Antique Style Web Store.

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