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Picture lamps

Picture Lamp Pintura 40 cm. Bronze

Picture Lamp Pintura 40 cm. Bronze

€ 69
Wall Lamp Uplighter

Wall Lamp Uplighter

€ 97
8 variations
LED light source | LED lamp

LED light source | LED lamp

€ 6
14 variations

A painting's colours are generally subtle during the day. Natural light plays with the piece of art. In the evening, that same painting can give a  threatening, dark and unsubtle impression.

A classic picture lamp is the perfect solution as it shows the clarity of a work of art even when it is dark!

The picture lamps offered on Antique Style Web Store are subtle and reticent. Their shape also does not demand attention so the focus will be on the piece of art!

Nostalgic picture lights are available in brass, bronze, matte nickel or shiny nickel and even its size can vary. The picture lamps are adjustable and they can be tilted as well. There are also various light sources so you can choose the most practical or aesthetic option yourself: plain light bulbs, compact fluorescent lamps (CFL), halogen lamps or LED lamps.

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