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Antique Sidetables

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Antique Home/ Office furniture

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A comfortable seat is a welcome piece of furniture in any home. At Antique Style...



Stunning pieces of classic furniture are offered online at Antique Style Web Store. Newly-made, classic furniture based on old examples dating back to the 12th to the 20th century.

There is a selection of tables, armchairs, sofas and other pieces of small furniture to choose from. Side-tables come in various shapes: round, square, oval or rectangular. There are also different kinds of sets available. A set of side-tables in different sizes is a classic design choice.

A variation of different wood types is available. There is mahogany, walnut root wood, oak, beech and cherry-wood, often combined with exotic kinds of wood such as calamander wood and palisander wood. There are pieces of furniture with intarsia, marquetry, inlaid decorative edges, wood figures, woodcarvings (possibly gilded) and veneering. There is also painted furniture; hand painted with lovely flowers. Furniture becomes even more interesting by adding bronzed edges, marble slabs, bronze fittings or little knobs, brass-coloured ornaments, leather with gold, decorative edges, practical casters, attractive mirrors and other sweet decorations.

Classic seats are also available in the category Sofas and Chairs. Elegant yet strong dining room chairs that are comfortable to sit and dine on are available online at Antique Style Web Store. An Art Nouveau/Jugendstil chair, based on the design by Henry van de Velde (1863-1957) also belongs to the possibilities. It is very important to have a chair in the study, hobby room or office in which you can sit comfortably for a long period of time. The Office Chair is perfect for this type of usage. At the same time, these comfortable armchairs add extra stature to the room and complete a classic interior.

The ‘antique-look’ furniture is intended to create a stylish interior. A bed and breakfast, pub, hotel or restaurant become recognisable and even more attractive. In the entrance hall or board room of a museum or company, waiting and communicating becomes worth the effort. Old-fashioned striking farms, historical mansions, shops and canalside houses can be decorated in style. Don't forget about churches and theatres. The products also stand an excellent chance as noticeable props for movies and TV series. Finally, the furniture naturally provides atmosphere for apartments, flats and newly-built houses.

The Antique Style Web Store is meant for everyone who desires furniture that is NOT average!

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