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14 January 2017 12:00
Are you looking for historical wallpaper, classic wallpaper, nostalgic wallpaper or baroque wallpaper of high quality? Then you have done right by coming to Antique Style Web Store. We sell the most luxurious and exclusive wallpapers online.

Exclusive wallpaper

Wallpaper is highly decorative and gives an extra touch to a room. It creates an atmospheric, romantic and nostalgic feeling. Our wallpapers are made of luxurious materials and most varieties are made of non-woven wallpaper which makes it easy to apply the wallpaper. Wallpaper by Antique Style Web Store is mostly exclusively available in our web store and it cannot be compared to the kinds of wallpaper you will find in DIY-stores. The wallpaper is of high quality, firm and very durable. The patterns have been pressed onto the paper with a lot of precision to amplify the hand-painted effect. Antique Style Web Store offers wallpapers with various motifs and colours, so there is the perfect wallpaper for every historical interior, nostalgic interior, classic interior or country-style interior.

Behang Medici Pearl 


The collection has been compiled with great care and only wallpaper of the highest quality and with the most beautiful motifs will find their way into our web store’s collection. We select our wallpapers on their uniqueness and we find our inspiration in various art styles, like the Art Nouveau, Jugendstil,  and Arts and Crafts or other motifs from periods before 1850. Visiting authentic, historical houses and interiors also contributes to us making the best choices for our classic wallpaper collection. Additionally, we get our inspiration from films set in earlier times. Historical film sets are mostly put together by decorators who have got specialist knowledge about the different stylistic periods. It is no surprise that some of our wallpapers can be seen in films, such as recently in the film Brooklyn. Some famous, classic types of wallpaper are: damask wallpaper, paisley wallpaper, toile de jouy wallpaper, baroque wallpaper, botanical wallpaper or exotic wallpaper, chequered wallpaper, polkadot wallpaper or the many kinds of floral wallpaper. These motifs come in various colours and can be found in the category Wallpaper. Are you in doubt about the colour and/or the motif? Feel free to ask a sample of the wallpaper. You can fill in the contact form on this page, but you can also email or call us. Click here to view how to contact us. 

Behang Egerton  

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