From pattern to relief: the most beautiful furniture and curtain fabrics

19 June 2019 9:18
How many fabrics can you spot in house? From decorative cushions to sofa coverings and curtains: fabric can be found almost everywhere. A great effect can be achieved with textiles, or a subtle twist. Various new fabrics are now available at Antique Style Web Store. Fabrics with impact that tell a story. Create a new atmosphere in the house in an instant!

Artful furniture fabrics

If you are looking for a colourful fabric with rich details for a piece of furniture, you can for example look at the furniture fabric Leaves and Flora Deco. The fabrics make an impression through the combination of dark and light tones and floral shapes. Both fabrics are based on original works by the Austrian artist Dagobert Peche (1887-1923), who was a member of the well-known production community Wiener Werkstätte. Peche designed countless fabrics and designs, but also made furniture and glass objects.

Natural materials

Because of the richness of a fabric, a solid furniture fabric can also turn out to be very surprising. Furniture fabric Athens is an example of this. The fabric of mixed natural materials has a timeless diamond pattern in the deep colours (ocher) yellow, green and blue. A fabric that can be used both as furniture and as curtain fabric is, among others, the fabric Curly Thistle. A beautiful fabric of 100% Virgin Wool that evokes a Celtic feeling through the coloured thistles.

Special editions Koloman Moser

At Antique Style Web Store you can find many exclusive fabrics based on the design of Koloman Moser, the well-known Austrian artist and graphic designer. Among other things, Moser designed the enchanting stained glass windows of the Kirche am Steinhof in Vienna. And many fabrics! Look for example at the illustrated curtain fabrics Geese Glory, Vortex (in black and white and beige), Balthazar, Circletwist (based on the work Seifenblasen - see photo) and the fabric Expectation, which can be used for various purposes.

Curtain- and furniture fabrics

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