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Spring Flowers

21 April 2021 12:00
Is there anything more Dutch than the tulip? For hundreds of years the beautiful flower has been a symbol for the Netherlands. In the 16th century the flowers were imported from the Ottoman Empire. In the Golden Age, the tulip became increasingly important and the flower was often seen in paintings. Everyone knows the stories of the tulip mania, when flower bulbs were even used as currency.

The cheerful appearance of the tulip makes the interior even more atmospheric. On Antiekstijlwebwinkel many of our products can be found with the flower as a starting point. The tulip is presented in various colours and designs. Go for a chic photo frame in silver or a wall or table lamp with the tulip as a motif.

Today, flower markets and festivals all over the country entice tourists and locals with colourful and fragrant bulbs and flowers. Even in the year 2021 the Keukenhof is in full bloom with an astonishing diversity of tulips. All kinds of shapes and colours can be seen and every year there are new varieties of tulips.

When spring comes, I will give you tulips from Amsterdam! Tulips are famous and beautiful flowers and nice to give. If you want to give a memento to someone who is emigrating or a business gift for a foreign partner, you will always score with the Dutch tulip! Or give the flowers to someone you love.