Enjoying Indian summer

7 September 2023 15:00
Summer-like weather during the period when it is normally autumn. This phenomenon is also called Indian Summer. The exact origin of the term is uncertain. It was possibly so named because it was first noticed in areas inhabited by Native Americans who hunted in the fall.

In some countries, late summer weather is named after a saint. For example, in England they speak of St. Luke's summer, in Sweden of Britsommar after St. Brigitta, in Italy of the summer of Theresa and in France of l'été de St. Dénis.

At this time of year, the average afternoon temperature drops considerably, but there are also regular periods that are entirely reminiscent of summer. Weather-wise, the summery autumn weather is easily explained. At this time of year, a high-pressure area often forms over central Europe. Winds Above Western Europe come from southern directions, bringing warm air from the Mediterranean.

In extreme cases in the last hundred years, tropical temperatures of 30 degrees have still been measured in the south of the Netherlands in October. The daily record for November was achieved on November 1, 2014 when 22.0 degrees was measured in the province of Limburg. The highest temperature of the 21st century for the month of November .

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It's only a matter of time before the leaves start falling again. So enjoy the late summer and all the wonderful things our online store has to offer.