Vacation time!

1 August 2020 10:00
2020 is a special year. The Corona virus has brought about a lot .... Nevertheless, life goes on and the summer holidays have arrived.

Many people look for a holiday destination in their own country. Others prefer to stay at home. At home, extra attention is given to the hobby or the house is being renovated. Fancy changes or gifts? Check out our website! Antique Style Webstore is located in Leerdam under the wings of De Blauwe Deel (a historic farmhouse from 1793) and uses interiors based on the claissic style as the starting principle. 

Ceramic Poppy

Antique Style Webstore offers beautiful articles in various price categories.

Holidays are all about pampering, so send a gift to a friend or family!

Think about someone who might just need to be surprised ...

20 options section has been specially created to offer gifts around 20 euros in an orderly manner.

Take a look. Super handy!