Dancing on the ceiling

28 June 2022 14:00
Tiffany pendant lamps come in all shapes and sizes. The first thing that catches the eye is of course the colourful Tiffany glass. To ensure that this stands out perfectly, there are various hanging systems.

Linen vintage cord

A versatile way to hang Tiffany lamps is on a linen vintage cord. The glass can be assembled with a click system.

With the vintage linen cords, it is easy to create a chandelier by hanging 3, 6 or 9 glass shades at different lengths from the ceiling using a  ceiling plate. Beautiful for a stairwell or hallway, but also above the lounge or dining table.



A sleek pendant fits perfectly with Tiffany lamps with swirling lines in the design, but also with more geometric forms. In any case, the Tiffany glass and the fixture form an attractive whole. There are uplighters where the light is directed towards the ceiling and lamps where the light shines downwards. There are also hanging lamps where the fixture is part of the special interplay of lines in the Tiffany glass. This creates a perfect unity. Tiffany Pendant Geometric is a beautiful example of this. The lamp is adjustable in length without affecting its appearance.



 A graceful suspension system that is easy to shorten is a suspension chain. Depending on the desired length, a number of links can be removed. Some lamps are equipped with three chains. These can also be easily shortened and adjusted.


Lights on beam / Billiards

The latest addition to the Tiffany pendant lamp range are lamps on a beam. Ideal above a table. These decorative lamps can be attached to the beam with linen cords, pendants or chains. You can choose between 2 or 3 light points. If the junction box is not exactly above the centre of the table, the beam will conceal this. The electrical wires can also be easily concealed.


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