• May 27 Sunburn Day: Dikkie Dik and the Smear-Cat

May 27 Sunburn Day: Dikkie Dik and the Smear-Cat

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The Dutch Melanoma foundation has published a Dikkie Dik book: Dikkie Dik and the Smear-Cat! This is not just any book, it was published with a special goal. The book is all about protecting yourself against the sun. This is particularly important for children as it can prevent skin cancer at a later age.

The book has been written for the parents of young children. It explains the dangers of the sun a playful way and tells you how to protect yourself from them. In this book, Dikkie Dik goes on a new adventure with his friends.

So is Dikkie Dik going to sunbathe while protected or is he not going to sunbathe at all? How is he going to go about it? Read all about it in Dikkie Dik and the Smear-Cat! The text is written in Dutch, but the drawings are fun to look at for every child.

The book's profit will go to activities set up to prevent skin cancer.

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