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A bag with its own label, signed NATHALIE.

An exclusive design with a special purpose. Promoted by The Blue Art Barn.

Fantastic! The wayward, triangular points support and enclose a trapezoid shape. The bag is made of Jacquard-woven fabric with floral motifs.The model is firm and holds its shape when carried around and when standing on its own. It will not sag or collapse. The flap secures the opening from both sides and it can be closed via a magnet clasp. The inside of the bag has shiny, black lining and contains two compartments for phones and other small articles.

Fabric: 55% cotton - 45% polyester.

The bags are handmade, so every copy is UNIQUE!

The bag's entire profit is going to be donated to the Dutch Melanoma foundation. This foundation plays an active role in different ways when it comes to preventing skin cancer. Buy this bag and help support the activities.
www.stichtingmelanoom.nl (the website of the Dutch Melanoma Foundation is in Dutch)

Information about Jacquard fabric:
This fabric has a woven design. Back in the day, the patterns were applied by hand. These days, the process is executed by a machine. The word 'jacquard' is derived from the name of Joseph Marie Jacquard (1752-1834), a French silk weaver by trade, who invented the Jacquard machine in 1805. This installation on a weaving loom worked by having the design punched into plates which automated the rising and dropping of separate warp ends. This way, by purposely skipping warp ends, a lively, woven surface can be created.

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